“It is not true that men are unwilling to change. It is true that men are afraid to change. It is true that masses of men have not even begun to look at the ways that patriarchy keeps them from knowing themselves, from being in touch with their feelings, from loving. To know love, men must be able to let go the will to dominate. They must be able to choose life over death. They must be willing to change.”

— bell hooks | the Will To Change




pillowsforsadboiysz is an interdisciplinary exploration of the masculinity and its relationship to the "male" body, through the lens of softness, sadness, and vulnerability experienced by cis men, trans men, gender fluid, and male presenting folks. The goal of the project is not only to question masculinity but to present an alternative image of it, dismantling representations of patriarchal and toxic masculinity. 

pillowsforsadboiysz consists of a series of portraits taken in my studio which we collaboratively transform into their safe space. Each subject is photographed surrounded by handmade embroidered pillows that have golden teardrops, alchemic symbols related to transformation, and the words; “don’t", “stop” and “no”.