missing (adj): 

  1. absent, not found, or lost: a missing person.

  2. lacking: Something is missing in this relationship.

  3. idioms

    1. go missing  to disappear; become lost: My keys have gone missing again.

miss (v) | used with object

  1. to fail to hit or strike:to miss a target.

  2. to fail to encounter, meet, catch, etc.:to miss a train.

  3. to fail to take advantage of:to miss a chance.

  4. to fail to be present at or for:to miss a day of school.

  5. to notice the absence or loss of:When did you first miss your…?

  6. to regret the absence or loss of:I miss you all dreadfully.

  7. to escape or avoid:He just missed being caught.

  8. to fail to perceive or understand:to miss the point of a remark

(v) | used without object

  1. to fail to hit something.

  2. to fail of effect or success; be unsuccessful.


  1. a failure to hit something.

  2. a failure of any kind.

  3. an omission.

  4. a misfire.


daysmissingu is an exploration of grief and its relationship to public and private space. Each watercolor is painted during a state of grieving with the intention of visualizing my “internal-emotional landscape”  and sitting with painful feelings as long as possible. The colors and painting techniques are emotionally driven and charged. The watercolors are complete when the feelings have passed. 

this is series is being completed in collaboration with shine portrait studio. read more about the series here.